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2002 Family Life Magazine, Santa Barbara, CA

2002 Casa, Santa Barbara, CA

2002 Montecito Journal At the Galleries, January 17-30 Edition, Montecito, CA

2002 Montecito Journal. January 31- February 13 Edition, Montecito, CA

2000 Family Life, Calendar of Events, January 2002 Edition, Santa Barbara, CA

2000 Casa "Seduction by Color" January 2002 Edition, Santa Barbara, CA

2000 Family Life Arts and Entertainment, February Edition, Santa Barbara, CA

2000 Santa Barbara Independent January Edition, Santa Barbara, CA

1996 Diana Murray, Avenue, April Edition, Santa Barbara, CA

1994 Charles Mandel, Galleries Feature Furniture, Hats, Landscapes, Poetry, The Edmonton Journal, Nait Auction Catalogue 1994

1993 Roger Boulet, Discover the Boundary '93, The Grand Forks Gazette, The Castlegar Sun, Arts & Entertainment

1993 Roger Boulet, The Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, Penticton, BC

1993 Roger Boulet, Arts Letter Season of the Kootenay: Recent Paintings by Colette Nilsen, Gallery of S. Okanagan, BC

1992 Roger Boulet, Discover the Boundary 92, The Grand Forks Gazette

1990 Catalogue, The Leighton Foundation

1989 Lelde Muelenbachs, Art Post, Toronto, Ont., Issue 31


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